With the developing technology, the rising communication and comfort needs of the people, you will need a partnership for elevator applications in modern public or commercial buildings.

Since 1984, MKS Kablo has been a respected and well-established company with its flat elevator traveling cables through the international marketing. MKS Kablo is successful producer in the field of elevators and hoist areas. Year on year MKS Kablo is a trustful company, which offers to its customers high quality and innovative products and leads the the sector with developing technology. MKS Kablo is a one of the best source of customized solutions for all your specific applications – as attractive total solutions. And with having all the necessary test certificates, authorizations and world standards, MKS Kablo produces new and reliable products.

MKS Kablo will be you reliable solution partner. And with its experience, product quality, paying the importance to research and development activities, qualified staff and the sense of customer centered working conditions. MKS Kablo will be leader company both in domestic and foreign markets.

The Quality of The Flat Elevator Traveling Cables From Beginning to The End…

Buildings are reaching up to the sky all around the globe. More and more people and goods must be transported faster, more comfortably and more safely in elevators. The communication need of the people sets new standards in elevator construction. Elevators provide not only cameras for observing the cabins but also telephone communication and music broadcast during their ascent and descent. What was once futuristic is now reality. it is inconceivable to think or imagine that the elevators are perfect and error free machines, however they are well-devised electronic control systems,combined with an absolutely reliable and fault-free signal transmission and energy supply. MKS Kablo has been one of the best cable companies which ensures the high and necessary standards since 1984 and enlightens the sector.
Our aim is to produce a cable, which with respect to mobility, safety, durability and silent running, satisfied with the high technical demands of elevator manufacturers.
MKS Kablo is not only one of the best cable companies in domestic market but also has become popular with its exportations to Europe. With its wide product range and system certificates (TSE, HAR, CE, TSE EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, Gost-R), MKS Kablo reassures its customers both in Turkey and foreign trades.

Applied Test…

During the process of producing the cables which are going to be used under the high working conditions, we applied different kinds of test methods. Our experts has been searching for the material in the research and development part, which doesn’t show deformation under the firm dynamic loading conditions. For specific fire security concepts, we offer halogen free material. Our aim is to offer better and more qualified items to our customers.

Upper Floors, Fastest Elevator, High Speed Cables

MKS Kablo produces high speed elevator cables, which combine data, video and control together on the flat cables for high buildings’ elevators. These are used in high buildings versatilely and efficiently in elevator shafts up to 150 m high with 10 m/s speed.

More Safety With MKS Kablo

The flat elevator traveling cables, which are produced with high-quality raw materials, applies to the appropriate suspension devices, fixing material and accessories. MKS Kablo can be produced according to the customer’s request which protects your life and stuff. The data, control and video cables which are used in flat form, provide a long lasting, safety and steady communication.

Your Preference in Modern Elevators is MKS Kablo

MKS Kablo’s products are working all around the world successfully every minute, every second. It supplies the power supply, audio, video and data transfer successfully between the cabin and the control systems. It guarantees the work of the elevators against high pressures and mechanical stress. Because of this, MKS Kablo’s flat elevator cables are used in the highest buildings and the fastest elevators in Turkey and in the world. Throughout the world, there is growing need in the high buildings located in the city centers. It is required to access the upper floors of the high buildings fast with high performance elevators. Therefore, the material which is used in the fast elevators should be high standardized. As a leading manufacturer of elevator cable systems, MKS Cables knows the needs. Not only mustinternational standards be met, but knowledge of customers’specific needs is essential. In order to meet the customer needs our can be easily solved by our well experienced staff.With help of MKS flat cables your elevator application projects, won’t be a problem anymore and will be applied smoothly, in an unproblematic way.

Different Applications…

Flat elevator cables meet all the communication needs between the control system and elevator cabin. The demand for not only power cables but also the high quality data transfer cables is rising. We also produce cables which transfer visual and audial data for modern elevators. Thus, the user could easily utilize the television, video, and audio services.

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

We will continue to provide innovative flat elevator cable solutions for your elevator projects.

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