Founded in 1984, MKS Kablo is a globally renowned company specializing in flat elevator traveling cables. Their success in the elevator sector stems from their steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative products while remaining at the forefront of technological advancements. With essential certifications and a commitment to global standards, MKS Kablo consistently offers reliable solutions. Drawing on their extensive experience, emphasis on product quality, dedication to research and development, highly skilled staff, and customer-centric approach, MKS Kablo is well-positioned for leadership in both domestic and international markets.

The Quality of The Flat Elevator Traveling Cables From Beginning to The End…

As buildings worldwide continue to rise in height, there’s an increasing demand for elevators that are not only faster and safer but also provide enhanced comfort for both passengers and cargo transport. Elevator construction has adapted to cater to passengers’ communication needs, incorporating features like cameras, telephone connectivity, and in-cabin music. Although elevators are not without their imperfections, they rely on well-designed electronic control systems, dependable signal transmission, and a stable energy supply to operate seamlessly.

Since 1984, MKS Kablo has stood as a leading cable company, upholding stringent standards within the sector. Their primary objective is to manufacture cables that meet the precise technical requirements of elevator manufacturers, with a focus on factors such as mobility, safety, durability, and noise reduction.

MKS Kablo has expanded its reputation beyond the domestic market, achieving success in exporting to Europe and United States of America. Their wide-ranging product portfolio and various system certifications (including TSE, HAR, CE, TSE EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, Gost-R) offer customers in Turkey and abroad the assurance they need.

Applied Test…

In the production of cables designed for demanding working conditions, we’ve employed various testing methods. Our experts have conducted research and development to identify materials that resist deformation under strenuous dynamic loading conditions. Additionally, we provide halogen-free materials to meet specific fire safety requirements. Our overarching goal is to consistently deliver improved and higher-quality products to our valued customers.

Upper Floors, Fastest Elevator, High Speed Cables

MKS Kablo manufactures high-speed elevator cables that integrate data, video, and control signals within flat cables designed for tall building elevators. These versatile cables are efficiently utilized in elevator shafts of heights up to 150 meters, with elevator speeds of up to 10 meters per second.

More Safety With MKS Kablo

The flat elevator traveling cables, crafted from top-notch raw materials, are designed to work seamlessly with compatible suspension devices, fasteners, and accessories.

Your Preference in Modern Elevators is MKS Kablo

MKS Kablo’s products are renowned worldwide for their reliability, seamlessly facilitating power supply, audio, video, and data transfer between elevator cabins and control systems. These flat elevator cables are engineered to withstand substantial pressures and mechanical stress, making them the top choice for the tallest and swiftest elevators both in Turkey and globally. As urban centers witness a growing demand for high-rise buildings, the need for rapid, high-performance elevators becomes increasingly critical.

As a leading manufacturer of elevator cable systems, MKS Kablo not only adheres to international standards but also comprehends the unique requirements of its customers. Their experienced team ensures that elevator projects, with the assistance of our flat travel cables, progress without issues and proceed smoothly.

Different Applications…

Flat elevator cables serve as a comprehensive solution to fulfill all communication requirements between the control system and elevator cabin. The increasing demand extends beyond power cables to encompass high-quality data transfer cables. In response, we produce cables that facilitate the seamless transfer of both visual and auditory data for modern elevators. This enables users to effortlessly access television, video, and audio services within the elevator cabin.